Laboratory Facilities


Anatomy and Physiology Lab

Anatomy and Physiology lab is designed to provide a foundation in human biology. This includes a familiarity with the basic anatomical and histological organization of the human body and its physiology. Students will learn how the various organs of the body interact with one another and how they contribute to the overall physiology of the body.

Central Instrumentation Facility

The Facility helps in knowledge sharing by constant interaction with all the Departments. Central instrumentation Laboratory equipped with modern instruments like HPLC, Spectro-fluorimeter, Ultrasonic homogenizer, UV spectrophotometer, Refrigerated Centrifuge, Electrophorosis unit, High sensitivity digital balance etc. The Central Instrumentation Lab provides analytical support and intellectual input to students of the Institute. As a result of excellent laboratory facilities and their proper utilization under the supervision of faculty members, the pass outs will have an edge for immediate employment

Computer Lab

Computer lab is designed to provide a teaching environment that develops specific skills to the students to help them master the technology skills needed in their particular field, as well as learn how software assists in information gathering, analysis, and organization of material for presentation and effective decision making.

The computer lab offers different software applications for support of the many program areas; such as, standard applications, Internet applications, programming and art design application. This computer lab is equipped with the following software’s Windows OS, C++, MS office, Chem Draw, Chem Sketch, IR Paul, SPSS, & Ex -Pharm (Pharmacology interactive animal model)

English Language & Communication Lab

The students need to prepare themselves for their careers which may require them to listen to read, speak and write in English both for their professional and interpersonal communication in the globalised context. Communication is thus a way of life. English Language & Communication Skills Lab monitors and guides the students towards enhancing the common skills through the material fed in the systems. It helps in developing the various skills involved in the process of communication through methodical usage of techniques and activity to enhance communication both for day-to-day use as well as in the business communication. K-Van solution English communication skills software is used to train the students to excel their communication skills.

Machine Room

The Machine room is equipped with most modern equipments and machinery used for pilot project, formulation and development studies in injectables, tablets, capsules, liquid orals and ointment sections. It has a well built area of machines generally encountered in Pharmaceutical industry and provides a window for young and aspiring pharmacist to be well versed with the current pharmaceutical scenario.

Pharmaceutical Analysis Lab

The laboratory is closely associated with other departments of the Institution and utilized for the Pharmaceutical Analysis of organic, inorganic compounds of synthetic or natural origin. The Department is well equipped with modern analytical instruments and other facilities, also involve in various research activities like development and validation of novel analytical methods by using HPLC & UV-visible spectrophotometer.

The students research activities of Department of Pharmaceutical Analysis are focused on: Herbal standardization by identifying biomarkers, analytical method development and impurity profile studies of some known drugs. Course structure have core subjects like Advanced Pharmaceutical Analysis, Quality Assurance and they are specifically trained in Bioanalytical methods, GLP and documentation systems. The Department specializes in training pharmacists and chemists in developing their knowledge and problem solving skills in Pharmaceutical Analysis.

Pharmaceutics Lab

The department is well established with state of art facility and modern instruments for evaluation various dosage forms. It introduces Design, Development & evaluation of drugs in combination with an appropriate dosage form. The Department is actively involved in development of various novel drug delivery systems. Student will complete the course with knowledge and skills applicable for a variety of practical settings in dosage form design, manufacturing technology, regulatory aspects, patents, quality control and quality assurance. The students will understand the concepts of dosage forms, dosage preparation and drug stability, and the relevance between drug delivery optimization and therapeutic outcome. We do tie up with leading pharmaceutical industry for pursuing the projects of our students.

Pharmacology Lab

The Laboratory helps train the students in practical studies of pharmacology and chemotherapy, bioassays of various drugs, etc. The laboratory provides expertise and has available equipment to measure drugs, drug metabolites, toxicants and some endogenous compounds in a wide range of biological matrices. Also, to perform validation tests for all assay and perform quality assurance determinations for all studies like detection, actions, uses and effects of drugs and especially drugs in companion and exotic animals and the development of improved analytical procedures for the detection of drugs.

Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Lab

This lab used to provide students with a basic knowledge of the biology and growth of microorganisms, an understanding of microbial disease pathogenesis and transmission, an appreciation for microorganisms in our environment and complex interactions between microbes and humans, an awareness of current issues in biotechnology, medical microbiology, and infectious disease, an ability to perform common microbiological laboratory procedures and a familiarity with recent advances in research. This lab is also utilized for plant tissue culture and to study the antibacterial activity of organic medicinal compounds.

Pharmaceutical Chemistry Lab

Pharmaceutical Chemistry is applied chemistry which embraces organic, bioinorganic, physical, phytochemical and analytical chemistry. These disciplines are applied in the preparation, synthesis, Isolation and characterization, standardization, interpretation of drug interactions and analysis of chemical substances for medicinal use. The focus of the department is on the fundamental concepts and principles in organic, physical, medicinal and analytical chemistry to pharmaceuticals and then relate these concepts to drug synthesis, manufacturing and quality assurance in the practice of pharmacy. The collaborative research activities which include the synthesis and screening of various heterocyclic compounds for their pharmacological, microbiological etc., environment within the Department and with other Departments of the college will expose students to a wide array of modern research in the pharmaceutical sciences, invaluable for a successful career.

Pharmaceutics Lab

Pharmaceutics is concerned with the scientific and technological aspects of the design and manufacture of dosage forms. The laboratory is designed for providing instructions in several pharmaceutical technology aspects particularly the manufacture of various pharmaceutical dosage forms, physical pharmacy, applied biopharmaceutics , Pharmacokinetics, and design of novel drug delivery systems e.g. ocular, transdermal, rectal and oral drug delivery systems. The lab is used in integration with other departments to provide a stimulating and contemporary learning environment for our students.

Pharmacognosy Lab

Pharmacognosy, defined as the study of the physical, chemical, biochemical and biological properties of drugs or potential drugs or drug substances of natural origin as well as the search for new drugs from natural sources is a specialized area of applied science which deals with natural products that affect the health of humans and animals. This Lab consists of organized as well as unorganized crude drugs. The lab provides esteemed guidelines to the students regarding natural source of drugs and phytochemical screening through various instruments. The laboratory is utilized for morphological and anatomy study of drugs of natural origin. The lab is associated with a museum in which herbal drugs are displayed. A herbarium is also maintained in the lab for identification of the medicinal plants. We assist regional people for the identification of medicinal plants by providing important morphological features of original medicinal plants located in herbarium museum.

A medicinal plant garden in the campus is available to catter the need of pharmacognosy lab. This is the place where the students study the aspects of natural drugs. The lab is equipped for identification, isolation of phytopharmaceuticals, macro, microscopic, physical & chemical characterization of natural drugs.

Pharmacology Lab

The laboratory provides to the student to basic methodologies used to evaluate how drugs modify physiological functions, through interactions with specific receptors at distinct sites. It gives an hands on experience to measure and calculate several important parameters most often discussed and described in pharmacology literature such as KD, Bmax, Ki, EC50, IC50 Emax, pD2 and pA2 values for various drugs and the rationale behind competitive and non-competitive type of pharmacological antagonism.